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Dad and Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog

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Dad and Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog
Dad and Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog is a blog about parenting. Mike Julianelle started this blog and he is the owner of this blog. He shares his experiences as a father and whines about the ways the existence of his sons (Detective Munch is eightn, 

The Hammer is two) in his blog. This blog serves as a continual diary of his development as a father and – soon! – as an expert parent with the world’s first and only PERFECT CHILDREN. Expect some pictures, maybe even a video or two. But no judgment. Because he doesn’t truck with that. 


The owner of Dad and Buried Blog is a man named Mike Julianelle. His wife also has a parenting blog named MOM AND BURIED. Which is a part of his main blog.


Their blog is really very famous among parents. As their blog deals with parentings, problem that new parents may face. They really have very loyal readers. Their blog receives almost 50000+ traffic each day from google and other social sites. 

Income Source:

They occasionally use affiliate + sponsored links on their blog. Any content that has been sponsored will be clearly labelled below the article. Any gifted items will be marked as c/o for their first feature, with the company credited. 

Both of these things help with the upkeep and running of  Their Blog. Without certain Sponsors + Partners they couldn’t dedicate as much time to running this blog. Dad And Buried makes about an estimated of 20000$+ each month from affiliate marketing and sponsored links and products.

Social Stats:

As of  July 2022, They have 92k+ likes in their Facebook page. They almost have 50k followers in their twitter profile. They have 231k+ followers in their Instagram profile. They also have a other Instagram profile which has 50k+ followers as estimation.


You can contact them at dadandburied@gmail.com  this email address.


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